Rickena M.

        Corporate Relations - San Diego, CA


Recently I found myself looking for a job with a resume I had created in college.  Resume writing has changed over the last ten years. I wasn't prepared.  I stumbled across this service surfing on the web.  I figured, why not?  I contacted them.  They were able to deliver an upated resume that I felt confident about sharing with potential employers. Like many of the other stories on this page,  I started getting interviews immediately.  Now, I am not saying the "Suite" got me the job, however they did get me the ticket to get into the front door.  I was unemployed for less than six months. 

Banking and Finance-Houston, TX

In 2013, I lost my job due to corporate downsizing.  I wasn’t sure how to approach finding a job in today’s market let alone how to draft a marketable resume.   With the resume developed by the Suite, I averaged an interview at least once every other week. I eventually secured employment after four months.  Not only did the Suite develop my resume, but also provided me with job search support. The service is professional and efficient.  I highly recommend it.

Sales and Marketing -St. Louis, MO

My company closed its doors in March of this year.  A friend recommended the Resume Suite.  While I was hesitant in paying someone to do a resume, every penny was worth it.  It was polished and it represented me and what I could bring to the company very well.  I consistently interviewed while I was off work using the Suite’s resumes.  As of August 2013, I am gainfully employed.  I believe the service is worth the investment.

Fred S.

Property & Project Management - Flint, MI

I needed a competitive resume.  I have not needed a resume in years.  I had a resume created by a "professional" and it did not reflect what I could bring to an organization.  A family member recommended the service and now I am recommending the service to you.  You will get your money's worth. 



Donna W.

Esquire - Jefferson City, MO

I have over thirty years of experience in law, but I had to get back into the workforce.  My resume was dated.  The Resume Suite provided a more modern version.  They cut my resume into a two-page, reader-friendly document.  I enjoyed working with this service!


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